Tuuli Ritsilä

I’m Tuuli Ritsilä, graphic design student from Helsinki, Finland. 

Since a little girl I have greatly enjoyed drawing and now with the same excitement as a bit bigger girl I make illustrations. I’m open minded and enthusiastic to try out new techniques however traditionally handmade illustrations are the dearest to me. I want to describe the world around us, all of us living beings and the small moments of our lives.

Long story short, here is my portfolio full of little surprises!

Self Portraits
Spring Wishes
Erityislapsi optikkoliikkeen asiakkaana
The Two Dancers
The Three Sirens
Disco very familia
Kesä - Koululainen
My Sweden- poster 2020
Tower of The Seasons
Nurmina Majakka illustrations
Lino The Flying Fish
The Three of Us
Self portrait
Salattu suru
Saint Lady
Villa Alchemilla
Wavy by night
Tuuli Ritsilä

Tuuli Ritsilä

Helsinki, Finland